Verdicts, Dealmakers and Commercial Real Estate

Chris Drew and Hermen Rodriguez of HFF.
Boca Raton Office Complex Turnover Completed in 8 Months

Business of Law

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Litigation and Bar Discipline

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On Appeal

  • Supreme Court Takes Case About Judges v. Juries in Civil Actions

    By Noreen Marcus

    The court is asked to review a Geico bad faith insurance case that ended with an award for the plaintiff and a judge's directed verdict.

  • Will SCOTUS Arbitration Ruling Change Florida Law?

    By Noreen Marcus

    A Florida Supreme Court decision supporting litigation in a Miami case proceeds after the U.S. Supreme Court rules for arbitration in a different nursing home case.

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Board of Contributors

  • The Slants: Is This the Beginning of the End for Political Correctness?

    By Commentary by Amanda McGovern and Daniel Alvarez Sox

    The U.S. Supreme Court decision in favor of a trademark for The Slants means disparaging terms are worth defending, write attorneys Amanda McGovern and Daniel Alvarez Sox.

  • 2017: The Year of Revisions to AIA Contract Documents

    By Commentary by Neal I. Sklar

    The American Institute of Architects (AIA) founded in 1857, publishes almost 200 varieties of contracts and forms that are widely recognized throughout the architectural and construction communities as the standard form of contract documents governing the relationships involved on construction projects throughout the United States. It published its first construction contract for use by owners and contractors in 1888 and has added more documents/forms and updated existing documents on a regular basis ever since, writes Neal I. Sklar.

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