Verdicts, Dealmakers and Commercial Real Estate

Business of Law

  • Ex-Commissioner Sarnoff Joins Shutts & Bowen

    By Julie Kay

    Marc Sarnoff, who was forced out of office in November by term limits, is a partner in ithe law firm's Miami office.

  • Atlanta-based Fields Howell Opening in Miami

    By Julie Kay

    The insurance coverage and litigation firm is opening its third office nationally with Armando Rubio, a former partner with Cole Scott & Kissane.

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Litigation and Bar Discipline

  • Justices Issue Stay After Debate Over Death Penalty Ruling

    By Noreen Marcus

    The Florida Supreme Court issued a stay Tuesday hours after lawyers for Cary Michael Lambrix argued more time was needed to review his case in light of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling declaring the state's death penalty law unconstitutional.

  • Miami Appeals Court Ejects Costa Concordia Case

    By Celia Ampel

    Lawsuits filed by passengers on the Costa Concordia ship that ran aground and sank in Italy should be heard in that country, a state appellate court ruled Wednesday.

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On Appeal

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Board of Contributors

  • Mooting Class Action Claims With Offers of Judgment

    By Commentary by Ted Craig

    Attorney Ted Craig writes about the U.S. Supreme Court endimg the practice of a plaintiff being left without standing to continue a lawsuit if the defendant previously had offered everything the plaintiff could possibly have recovered in the case.

  • Citizens: Is the Grass Always Greener on the Other Side?

    By Commentary by Gina Clausen Lozier

    The push to depopulate the state-backed Citizens Property Insurance Corp. has wide implications for anyone receiving a takeout letter, writes attorney Gine Clausen Lozier.

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Special Reports

  • Focus Latin America: Winter 2015

    Latin America's outlook for 2016 is a patchwork of bright spots and dark prospects, with individual economies simultaneously bogged down by sagging oil prices, corruption scandals and political instability; and buoyed by regulatory reforms and a growing middle class.

  • Special Report: Intellectual Property

    The Review takes a look at several IP issues, including design patents, a little-known specie of intellectual property protection that can provide a broad reach of protection if approached with adept legal advice.

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