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  • Don’t Get Knocked Out by the Failure to Pay Taxes

    By Commentary by Logan E. Gans

    Few, if any, of us will ever have the good fortune about to befall Floyd "Money" Mayweather—a $100-plus million payday for about an hour's worth of work. But all too many entrepreneurs, business owners and "working folks" regularly face the other side of the Mayweather coin—failing to pay taxes promptly and owing onerous sums to the IRS, writes Logan F. Gans.

  • Trade Dress Provides Important Protection for Restaurants and Retailers

    By Commentary by Morgan Ben-David

    Trade dress not only pertains to a product's image, size, shape, color or texture, but also has been expanded to encompass the interior and exterior décor, signage, menu and general "atmosphere" of a restaurant or store. Like a traditional trademark, a company's trade dress is similarly protected by the Lanham Act, writes Morgan Ben-David.

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