Verdicts & Settlements

Attorney Eric A. Falk

After 400-Pound Iron Gate Landed on Handyman, What This Attorney Did was Impressive

Weston attorney Eric A. Falk scored a $6.5 million verdict for a handyman who was injured when a 400-pound iron gate fell on him.

Jeffrey P. Bast, Angela M. Fiorentino and James H. Fierberg

For This Bast Amron Team, Guiding Boca Retail Sale Through Bankruptcy Had Its Challenges

By Adolfo Pesquera |

The legal team put together the $13 million sale in bankruptcy court for the widow of a prominent Boca Raton developer.

Marcella Auerbach, managing partner at Nolan Auerbach & White in Fort Lauderdale

What Happened After She Helped Nurse at Catholic Healthcare Blow Whistle on her Employer?

By Adolfo Pesquera |

Fort Lauderdale attorneys Marcella Auerbach and Jeb White helped reach a $36.7 million settlement on behalf of a whistleblower in a California medical billing case.

Michael R. Holt and M. Stephen Smith

Jury Finds for Defense in West Palm Mesothelioma Trial

By Adolfo Pesquera |

Miami attorneys were part of a legal team that defeated a request for more than $4 million in damages in an asbestos case.

F. Gregory Barnhart and David Sales

These Lawyers Helped Win $13.5M Tobacco Award to Widow of Man With Lung Cancer

By Adolfo Pesquera |

A Miami-Dade widow was awarded $13.5 million because of her husband's addiction and death from smoking R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. products.

Robert Gilbert

How This Attorney Won Nearly $19M for Citrus Tree Owners

By Adolfo Pesquera |

Miami attorney Robert C. Gilbert said while Orange County is more conservative than South Florida, the jury placed an even greater value on private property rights.

Steve Lubell and Aldo Leiva, of Lubell Rosen

Attorneys Win Defense Verdict for Radiologist

By Adolfo Pesquera |

Steven Lubell and Aldo Leiva won a defense verdict for a radiologist who performed a mammogram on a woman who developed metastatic cancer.

Steven Katzman

Steven M. Katzman Gets Jury to Award $1.2M to Couple Bullied by Mayor

By Adolfo Pesquera |

Steven M. Katzman said he chronologically laid out when his clients filed suit and when they were subject to code enforcement hearings, and he "asked the jury to connect the dots."

Steven Hammer, Jonathan Gdanski, and Scott P. Schlesinger, with the Law Offices of Sheldon J. Schlesinger.

Schlesinger Team Scores $3.1 Million Tobacco Win

By Adolfo Pesquera |

Attorneys Steven J. Hammer, Jonathan Gdanski and Scott P. Schlesinger still got a survival claim despite the jury finding smoking-related diseases did not cause their client's death.

Allan B. Kaiser and Christopher E. Gottfried

Ferraro Team Says Victim's Job Was To Smoke, Die

By John Pacenti |

Allan B. Kaiser and Chris Gottfried won $28 million for the family of a dead smoker by linking his two kinds of lung cancer to smoking.

Stuart J. Weissman and Stuart Ratzan

These Two Attorneys Win $2 Million Verdict in Medmal Case

Stuart J. Weissman and Stuart N. Ratzan proved Palmetto General Hospital was liable in the death of woman from rare blood disorder.

Howard Talenfeld and Ted Babbitt

These South Florida Attorneys Settle Child-Torture Case For $17.5M

By Adolfo Pesquera |

Howard Talenfeld and Ted Babbitt settled with New York City and three child welfare agencies for $17.5 million on behalf of 10 special-needs children who moved to Florida with their abusive foster mother.

Carlos A. Bodden and W. David Bennett

They Convinced Jury To Award $1.4 Million To Doctor Injured In Wreck

By Adolfo Pesquera |

Carlos Bodden and W. David Bennett persuaded a Broward jury that their client's injuries were caused by a traffic accident and that they were permanent.