Verdicts & Settlements

Victoria Mesa-Estrada

Legal Services, EEOC Represent Farmworkers Who Accused Supervisors of Rape, Harassment

By Celia Ampel |

Victoria Mesa-Estrada said her clients, despite knowing they would never see any money from the verdict, pressed on with the case to support other migrant victims reporting abuses.

Patrick S. Montoya and Deborah J. Gander

Colson Hicks Team Focused Jury on Distracted Driver

By Celia Ampel |

Patrick Montoya and Deborah Gander won $8.14 million for the families of two Chinese engineering students who were struck and killed by a car while crossing the street.

Matt Haynes and Lance C. Ivey

Attorneys Win $8.7 Million for Parents of School Bus Crash Victim

By Celia Ampel |

Lance C. Ivey and Matt Haynes used the school bus' video footage to argue the bus driver was in a rush and turned without looking.

Crane Johnstone, Scott Schlesinger, Jonathan Gdanski and Steven J. Hammer

Schlesinger Team Wins $2.25 Million for Former Smoker

By Celia Ampel |

A team of Fort Lauderdale attorneys wins a $2.25 million verdict in an Engle-progeny tobacco case against Philip Morris USA and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco.

Mark Packo and John Chanoux

This is How These Boca Raton Attorneys Won $4.5M for Disabled Moped Operator

By Celia Ampel |

Mark Packo and John Chanoux of Ellis, Ged & Bodden sought lifetime care for a man who was hit by a Suburban on a bridge in Merritt Island.

Jeffrey Altman and Jason Brenner

Attorneys Secure $5 Million for Student Injured at Nightclub

By Celia Ampel |

Jeff Altman and Jason Brenner said there was pattern of physical violence at Cameo nightclub that led to a bouncer putting their client into a coma after punching him in the face.

James Ferraro Jr. and James Ferraro Sr.

Father-Son Lawyers Win $9.5 Million for Mesothelioma Patient

By Celia Ampel |

James Ferraro Jr. and his father traced their client's asbestos exposure to a military housing project in Saudi Arabia that was constructed with Georgia-Pacific's Ready-Mix joint compound.

Willie E. Gary

Attorneys Focus on Athletic Man's Nonvisible Injuries

By Celia Ampel |

Prominent plaintiffs attorney Willie Gary and two Miami co-counsel landed a $5 million jury verdict for a former University of Miami football player who was stopped at an intersection when his car was hit by a UPS truck.

Pedro A. Jimenez

This Jones Day Attorney Leads Team in Bankruptcy Bidding for Offshore Oil Assets

By Celia Ampel |

Jones Day represented a Mexican heavy construction company in purchases of an offshore drilling operation and ship.

Timothy Felice

$3M Settlement Reached for Fall on Slippery Office Floor

By Celia Ampel |

West Palm Beach attorney Tim Felice lands a $3 million settlement for a client who needed three back surgeries after falling on an office building floor after rain.

Philip Freidin, Jonathan Freidin, and Randy Rosenblum

Viral Sex Tape Leads to $7M Verdict Against 50 Cent

By Celia Ampel |

A team of South Florida lawyers wins a $7 million award against the star rapper for invasion of privacy and emotional distress after he inserted himself as a character in a South Florida woman's sex tape.

Lawyers Win First Punitives in Non-Engle Tobacco Trial

By Celia Ampel |

Philip Gerson and Edward Schwartz teamed with Gary Paige to win a nearly $13.5 million verdict for a widower whose wife died after smoking Winstons for 35 years.

Matthew P. Leto

Judge Rules for Business Partner in Disputed Lot Sales

By Celia Ampel |

A judge rejects a breach of fiduciary duty claim in a dispute between two business partner over the $2.5 million bulk sale of 279 lots.

Andrew Frisch

$6 Million Later, Question Remains: Are Strippers Employees?

By Celia Ampel |

Andrew Frisch of Plantation was part of a legal team that won a $6 million settlement on behalf of nearly 5,000 strippers who say they didn't receive minimum wage or overtime pay.