Verdicts & Settlements

Woman Who Alleged IUD Insertion Caused Pain Gets $208,839

A jury awarded $208,839 to a woman who claimed she suffered uterine pain for three months after an the implantation of an intrauterine device.

T-Boned Plus Broken Wrist Equals $388,488 For Driver

A jury awarded $388,488 to a woman who claimed a broadside collision caused permanent pain in her left wrist.

Daniel F. Benavides, Detra Shaw-Wilder, Ken Hartmann, and Doug Wolfe

Who Won $12.7 Million Judgment For Setai? These Lawyers

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The former property manager at Setai Resort & Residences wins $12.7 million in arbitration against a Lehman Brothers company.

Alan Rose and Gregory Weiss with Mrachek Law in West Palm Beach

Lawyers Win $10.8M For Ousted Restaurant Operator

By Adolfo Pesquera |

Alan Rose and Gregory Weiss win a $10.8 million verdict for a Palm Beach Gardens restaurateur who was locked out by the landlord of the Palm Beach Gardens Embassy Suites.

Motorist Receives $34,828 For Accident Injuries

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Driver Gets $300,000 On Crash Claim

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Motorcyclist injured in bus collision receives $1.6 million

A motorcyclist recovered more than $1.6 million for multiple injuries he suffered in a collision with a bus.

Driver in T-bone crash awarded $1.2 million

A jury awarded more than $1.2 million to a man who claimed he suffered neck, back and shoulder injuries when the van he was driving was broadsided.

Lead attorney Mariano Garcia is left, then co-counsel Sia Baker Barnes in the red-orange dress. The plaintiff Gwendolyn Odom is the older lady in white dress. And co-counsel T. Hardee Bass to the right. from Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley, P.A.

Searcy Denney Attorneys Recover $20 Million Smoker Award

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The daughter of a Boynton Beach woman who died of lung cancer was awarded $20 million against R.J. Reynolds Tobacco.

Michael S. Olin

$23.8 Million Tab For Trying To Avoid Paying Mortgage

By Julie Kay |

Michael Olin led a plaintiffs team that showed a New York investor set up a shell company to foreclose on his first mortgage so the investor wouldn't have to repay the second mortgage to Olin's client.

Arick Fudali and Jeff Herman with Herman Law in Boca Raton

Putting Molested Boy On Stand Pays Off For These Two Lawyers

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Attorneys Jeffrey Herman and Arick Fudali won $5.25 million in pain and suffering damages for a child who was sexually molested multiple times at school as a 7-year-old.

Glen H. Waldman

Heller Waldman Secures $20.5 Million Verdict For American Bridge

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American Bridge built its case on the email traffic, correspondence and witnesses who were party to negotiations during and after the contract for construction of a marina at a Ritz-Carlton resort hotel in the Bahamas.

Ted Leopold

Lawyers Win $2.3M For Family Of Man Killed By Cops

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The family of a man killed by Marion County deputies was awarded $2.3 million in a civil rights case.

Jury: Probable Cause Existed To Arrest Boy

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Smoker's Family Awarded $5.3 Million

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Fort Lauderdale Attorneys Win $8 Million For Woman Paralyzed After ER Visit

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Jay Cohen and Rudy Ayala used an emergency medicine who testified the defendants breached the standard of care for ER doctors by sending their client home without knowing what was causing her severe chest pain.

Alaine Greenberg and William Clayton with Greenberg Traurig

Greenberg Team Gets Favorable Jury Instruction, Fights Off Lawsuit

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Attorneys Alaine Greenberg and William R. Clayton of Greenberg Traurig help music promoter Jack Boyle and his son prevail as defendants in $4.9 million breach of contract lawsuit.

Boater's death results in $21.7 million award

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L to R Front: David A. Rothstein, Lorenz Michel Pruss. Standing: Scott L Silver, Robert E. Linkin, James D. Sallah and Adolfo J. Anzola

They Were Able To Get Regions Bank To Settle For $13 Million

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David Rothstein, Lorenz Pruss, Scott Silver, Robert Linkin, James Sallah and Adolfo Anzola, worked alongside Jeffrey Kaplan and Joshua Katz, in getting Regions Bank to settle for $13 million on behalf of nearly 5,500 Latin American investors.

Jeffrey M. Ostrow and Jason Alperstein

Attorneys Reach $2M Deal in Bank Overdraft Fee Suit

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For Lauderdale's Kopelowitz Ostrow reached a $2 million settlement in a bank overdraft fee class action in Michigan.

Michael G. Austin and Matthew Grosack

DLA Piper Attorneys Win $2.54M Breach of Contract Suit

By Julie Kay |

Michael Austin and Matthew Grosack of DLA Piper helped a Chilean businesswoman win a $2.54 million verdict on claims that her ex-husband misappropriated $2.54 million from her bank account.

Sean Domnick and Stephen Rosenthal

For these Attorneys, Key To Winning $15.8M LabCorp Suit Was Keeping Expert Witnesses On Stand

By John Pacenti |

Sean Domnick and Stephen Rosenthal turned a misread Pap smear by LabCorp into a $15.8 million verdict for the family of a woman who died of cervical cancer.

Robert J. Borrello, Herman J. Russomano III, and Herman J. Russomanno

Russomanno & Borrello Team Puts The Donald On Stand In Defense Win

By Julie Kay |

Robert Borrello, Herman Russomanno III and Herman Russomanno II had Donald Trump testify that the real estate mogul was not the developer for the Fort Lauderdale Trump International Hotel & Tower.