Verdicts & Settlements

Lloyd Schwed

UBS to Pay $18.2M to Puerto Rican Bond Investors Duped by Firm Employee

By Celia Ampel |

A Palm Beach Gardens attorney helped a family win an $18.2 million arbitration award against UBS Financial Services Inc.

Daniel DeSouza.

Son Ordered to Pay $1.47M After Jury Finds He Stole from Dying Father

By Celia Ampel |

A complicated family drama ended in a $1.47 million final judgment against a son who allegedly raided his dying father's safe deposit box.

Scott Mager, Brian Paruas and Elizabeth Hueber.

Jury Awards $2.9M to Family Tricked Into Investment

By Celia Ampel |

South Florida lawyers won a $2.9 million verdict for a family who invested in a check-cashing company.

Susan Carlson and Ervin Gonzalez of Colson Hicks Eidson and Barry Snyder of Snyder & Gonzalez

Man Awarded $1.43M for Injury After 3 Years of Litigation

By Celia Ampel |

South Florida lawyers won a $1.43 million verdict for a man injured when a car drove into the barbershop where he was waiting for a haircut.

Chris Royer, Kelly Hancock, Kelley Stewart, Joe Slama and Blake Dolman of Krupnick Campbell Malone Buser Slama.

Attorneys Snag $6.65M Settlement for Client Struck on Roadside

By Samantha Joseph |

A skillful deposition by a Fort Lauderdale law firm secured a settlement worth more than $6.65 million after an admission of partial fault from a driver in a personal injury case.

Pedro P. Echarte III, with The Haggard Law Firm.

Owner of Trailer Involved in Fatal Fire Settles for $2.3M

By Celia Ampel |

A Coral Gables lawyer obtained a $2.3 million settlement from the owner of a mobile home where a fire killed the tenant's boyfriend.

Alex Alvarez, The Alvarez Law Firm.

Longtime Smoker Assigned No Liability in $10M Tobacco Verdict

By Celia Ampel |

Coral Gables plaintiffs lawyers won a rare zero-fault verdict in a tobacco case.

Austin Carr and Lakiesha Cannon of Koch Parafinczuk & Wolf in Fort Lauderdale.

Smoker's Cocaine Use Doesn't Sway Jury in Tobacco Trial

By Celia Ampel |

Fort Lauderdale lawyers won a nearly $3 million tobacco verdict, persuading jurors to look past their client's cocaine habit to rule that cigarettes caused his cancer.

Eric Rosen, left, and Kimberly Wald of Kelley/Uustal in Fort Lauderdale.

Kelley/Uustal Team Wins $27.5M Verdict for Smoker's Family

By Celia Ampel |

Attorneys from Kelley/Uustal in Fort Lauderdale won a $27.5 million award for the widower of a smoker.

Hans Hertell and James Sammataro with Stroock & Stroock & Lavan.

Stroock Team Blocks Copyright Damages for Bootleg Film Broadcast

By Celia Ampel |

Expert testimony helped Miami lawyers with Stroock & Stroock & Lavan secure a defense verdict for a TV network that aired the Spanish language film "Pablo" more than a dozen times without clearance.

John Arrastia, with Genovese Joblove & Battista..

Developer Ordered to Pay $16.3M for Leaving New Residential Community a Total Mess

By Celia Ampel |

A Miami lawyer won a $16.3 million judgment against the nation's largest homebuilder.

Pedro P. Echarte III

Condo Association Settles With Young Father Shot by Burglars

By Celia Ampel |

A Miami townhome community's homeowners association agreed to pay $8 million to a tenant who was shot and paralyzed during a home invasion.

Scott P. Schlesinger, Steven J. Hammer and Jonathan R. Gdanski of the Schlesinger Law Offices.

Jury Finds Tobacco Industry, Not Brand, Culpable in Death of Marlboro Smoker

By Celia Ampel |

A South Florida law firm won a $9 million verdict against two tobacco companies, including one whose cigarettes the plaintiff didn't smoke.

Janpaul Portal and Juan P. Bauta

Italian Tests Help Sway Jury in Mesothelioma Case

By Celia Ampel |

Miami lawyers won a $9 million asbestos verdict for a woman whose husband died of mesothelioma before trial.