Verdicts & Settlements

Philip Freidin, Jonathan Freidin, and Randy Rosenblum

Viral Sex Tape Leads to $7M Verdict Against 50 Cent

By Celia Ampel |

A team of South Florida lawyers wins a $7 million award against the star rapper for invasion of privacy and emotional distress after he inserted himself as a character in a South Florida woman's sex tape.

Lawyers Win First Punitives in Non-Engle Tobacco Trial

By Celia Ampel |

Philip Gerson and Edward Schwartz teamed with Gary Paige to win a nearly $13.5 million verdict for a widower whose wife died after smoking Winstons for 35 years.

Matthew P. Leto

Judge Rules for Business Partner in Disputed Lot Sales

By Celia Ampel |

A judge rejects a breach of fiduciary duty claim in a dispute between two business partner over the $2.5 million bulk sale of 279 lots.

Andrew Frisch

$6 Million Later, Question Remains: Are Strippers Employees?

By Celia Ampel |

Andrew Frisch of Plantation was part of a legal team that won a $6 million settlement on behalf of nearly 5,000 strippers who say they didn't receive minimum wage or overtime pay.

Gary Farmer Jr., and Brad Edwards, with Farmer Jaffe Weissing Edwards Fistos & Lehrman

Attorneys Win Award After Drunken Driver Kills Pregnant Hotel Guest

By Celia Ampel |

Two South Florida attorneys won the $3.6 million wrongful death verdict against the Riverside Hotel in Fort Lauderdale.

Jeff Ostrow

Attorneys Get $4.9 Million Settlement on Michael Kors Outlet Pricing

By Celia Ampel |

Scott Edelsberg and Jason Alperstein, along with Jeff Ostrow, settled a lawsuit accusing Michael Kors of posting discounts from original prices that were never used at its outlet stores.

Receiver Recovers $2.3 Million in Firm's Fees From Fraud

By Celia Ampel |

A Berger Singerman attorney for a foreclosure relief law firm in receivership receives a $2.3 million judgment against Miami law firm Litvin, Torrens & Associates, which helped Prime Legal Plans.

Christopher Marlowe

$2.85M Settlement Reached in Birthday Party Slaying

By Celia Ampel |

Christopher Marlowe argued the owner failed to keep an apartment complex's premises safe when a woman was killed by an unknown gunman during a 7-year-old's birthday party.

Joe Matthews and Courtney Engelke

Duo Wins $4.56 Million Verdict Against Title Company

By Celia Ampel |

Courtney Engelke and Joseph Matthews persuaded a Palm Beach jury to deliver a $4.56 million verdict against First American Title Insurance for delaying developers' claims about title defects at a Bahamas resort.

Christopher M. Drury and John H. (Jack) Hickey

This is How the Hickey Law Firm Defeated Liability Waivers in $12M Mediated Settlement

By Celia Ampel |

Jack Hickey and Chris Drury argued the liability release forms signed by their client on behalf of the client and his son were void because they violated federal and state law.

Attorneys Charles Morehead III and Howard Pomerantz

Fort Lauderdale Attorneys Win $2.8M Medmal Award

By Samantha Joseph |

Howard Pomerantz and Charles Morehead III won the award for an elderly man who suffered a punctured bowel during gallbladder surgery at a Naples hospital.

Jorge Gutierrez

Attorney Wins $7.5M for Family of Woman Who Bled to Death During Surgery

By Julie Kay |

Attorney Jorge P. Gutierrez Jr. argued that surgery to remove a lump from the head of a 45-year-old Miami woman should have never taken place.

Jay Cohen, The Law Office of Jay Cohen, William Rieder Jr., with The Downs Law Group, and David Brill, of Brill Rinaldi.

Attorneys for Cardiac Stress Lab Patients Negotiate $14M Settlement

By Julie Kay |

Jay Cohen, William Rieder and David Brill fought for a $14 million settlement on behalf of Broward patients who were given reused and possibly contaminated saline solutions.

David Shenkman, Robert Alan Rosenblatt and Christopher Lynch

$7.3 Million in Settlements Go to Driver Paralyzed on Construction Site

By Samantha Joseph |

Attorneys overcome workers' compensation immunity to win a combined $7.3 million settlements after a delivery driver was paralyzed in a 20-foot fall.