Special Reports (Legal)

And The Litigation Department Of The Year Is...

By Review staff |

Once again, the Daily Business Review is recognizing the achievements of law firms litigation departments in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties as well as two lifetime achievement awards.

New Partners 2014: Partner Track Derailment

Did the Great Recession cause a fundamental change in hiring at large law firms? Firms in South Florida report high lateral partner hiring, but associates find it hard moving through the pipeline.

Dealmakers 2013: Dealmaking Revives On Burgeoning Opportunities

By Review Staff |

Review editors sifted through about 90 nominations and settled on more than 70 people as finalists and Top Dealmakers of the Year in 13 categories.

Alexandra Bach Lagos

News Partners 2014: BigLaw's Brass Ring Gets Harder To Grasp

By Julie Kay |

Industry experts and some BigLaw managers say it's becoming increasingly difficult to make partner, causing many associates to look for jobs at smaller firms or go in-house.

Special Report: Health Care Law

With an Affordable Care Act mandate that large employers provide coverage for their employees or pay penalties due to take effect next year, health care providers and employers of all stripes are seeking legal advice on many fronts.

Niza M. Motola of Mendelson and Mercedes M. Sellek of Maspons Sellek Jacobs

Diversity Scorecard 2014: Women Closing The Gender Gap

By Julie Kay |

South Florida women lawyers are starting networking groups as a way to help other women get business and raise their collective profiles.

Special Report: Data Security 2014

By Review staff |

From the massive breach at Target, to employers putting their networks at greater risk when employees connect to them on personal devices, this special report exams those issues and new federal data breach notification law that will replace a patchwork of state requirements.

Most Effective Lawyers 2013

By Review staff |

The year of redemption and recovery as the troubles eased a bit and law firms recalibrated business planes, signed up laterals and took the merger route and got married. Some veteran lawyers, meanwhile, abandoned the perceived security of Big Law and started their own new firms from scratch.

In House Legal Departments Of The Year 2013

By Review staff |

For the second annual edition of the Daily Business Review's Top In-House Legal Department of the Year, the DBR embraced entries from outside its traditional reach of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. It was the natural thing to do. Many companies from around Florida serve large numbers of customers in the Southeast region of the state. The program

Focus Latin America

By The American Lawyer |

From Mexico to Brazil, firms eagerly await energy reforms that will spawn big deals, big returns for clients in Latin America.

Best Of 2013

By Review staff |

Our second annual DBR reader rankings for favorite vendors. The best of the best here are the ones that helped will all aspects of your business, from technology to banking to clients.

Intellectual Property 2013

Thee stores in this special report deal with startups living in incubators and brand owners need to learn Chinese trademark law.

Lawyer Compensation Survey: Firms Take Baby Steps In Raising Rates

By Susan Postlewaite |

South Florida law firms were more likely to bump up hourly rates for select lawyers rather than order across-the-board rate increases this year.

Arbitration & Mediation

By Review staff |

A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision is a significant one for all those who use arbitration agreements, Miami plays an important role with international arbitration in Latin America and is it still safe to invest in Latin America are just some of the seven topics we cover in our annual special report.

DBR's Rising Stars Honors South Florida's Best Young Lawyers

By Review staff |

The Rising Stars recognition program honors a selection of young South Florida lawyers who we believe are making a difference in the community and will continue to do so in the future.

New Associates 2013: Lawyer Hiring No Longer Bleak

By Julie Kay |

After several years of doom and gloom, A glimmer of hope has emerged for the law class of 2013 in South Florida, where the legal market and economy are slowly rebounding.

Bankruptcy Special Report

Are Chapter 9 filings coming to Florida? And think of a business as a rubber band. It can be stretched, twisted, turned and still return to its original shape. If the rubber band is stretched too far by a lender or creditor challenge, it can break.

Corporate Counsel 2013: More Work, Bigger Pay For Chief Legal Officers

By Mike Seemuth and research by Vala Lopez |

The combination of steady growth and bigger workloads translated to high compensation for many chief legal officers at publicly traded companies in Florida.

Review 100: 2013

Our annual survey of the top 100 Florida law firms. As law firms become eager to grow, they begin to pursue partners. Or sometimes, they are the pursued.

Focus Latin America

Firms are dealing with everything from pre-immigration tax planning for wealthy individuals to mergers and acquisitions between companies whose only connection to the U.S. is the law firm's location and the desire to be ruled by U.S. law.

The 2013 Am Law 100

In fiscal 2012, The Am Law 100—which has a new leader in gross revenue this year—posted modest gains on all our key metrics. Read the complete package.

Intellectual Property 2013

Google Glass may change how we interact with IP, fashion designers may wish to take a second look at design patents as an alternative means of protection and in building a sustainable brand, the name you choose can either take you to the bank or cause you to close up shop.