Special Reports (Legal)

Introducing the Daily Business Review's 2017 Top Women in Law

With South Florida as the proving ground, these 10 women became overachievers in a profession that has slowly made room for them over time.

Business in Cuba: Tech, Compliance, Opportunity

Trump's policy, tech's innovation and an island of opportunity make for interesting times in Cuba.


In the Daily Business Review’s diversity special section, articles focus on an anecdotal increase in the number of women rising in firm leadership and a Florida Bar training program lauded by participants for having helped diversity.

Review 100

Here are the results of this year's Review 100 survey of law firms, with data and analysis.

Nancy Linnan of Carlton Fields.

Female Lawyers Seeing Rise in Leadership Positions

By Monika Gonzalez Mesa |

Lawyers are noticing an anecdotal increase in the number of women rising in firm leadership.

Left to right: Jay Kim , Eugene Pettis and Leora Freire.

Florida Bar Training Program Shrinks to 31 Participants

By Monika Gonzalez Mesa |

A Florida Bar training program lauded by participants for having helped diversify the pool of applicants that become active in bar committees and leadership has shrunk this year to half its original size.

Among Florida's Am Law 200 Firms, Only Two Saw 2016 Increase in Revenue Per Lawyer

By Monika Gonzalez Mesa |

For most of Florida's seven Am Law firms, 2016 brought growth in revenue but patchwork results in other key metrics.

Mark F. Raymond of Broad and Cassel.

Florida Midsize Firms Seek Differentiation

By Monika Gonzalez Mesa |

Quality mid-sized firms that offer a rainbow of services at reasonable rates will always be around. But across the country, some of those firms face competitive pressures.

Richard Cole of Cole, Scott & Kissane.

The 2017 Review 100 Shows Head Counts at Most Florida Firms Holding Steady

By Monika Gonzalez Mesa |

Many firms, including top ones, moved up or down one or two slots on the Review 100, which ranks Florida's largest law firms by number of lawyers, but a handful made bigger moves.

Are Florida Billing Rates on the Rise? It Depends

By Monika Gonzalez Mesa |

Six large firms plan to raise billing rates in 2017 like they did last year, but rates for bankruptcy attorneys in 2016 appear to have remained about the same.

Daily Business Review's Annual Professional Excellence Awards

We are introducing lifetime achievement honors, distinguished leaders in law, legal departments of the year and litigation departments of the year.

Fla. Firm Leaders Bullish on 2017; Eyes on Real Estate, Corporate Work

By Scott Flaherty |

Following a year marked by a contentious presidential election and likely changes to come in U.S. policy prescriptions, law firm leaders in Florida are largely optimistic about their firms going into 2017 and expect to see growth in Miami, according to a recent survey of firm leaders and administrators in the region.

Daily Business Review's 12th Annual Most Effective Lawyers

The 12th annual Most Effective Lawyers special report recognizes the impressive work performed by South Florida lawyers in the past year.

Daily Business Review Best of 2016

Welcome to the Daily Business Review's annual Best of Reader Rankings in which our loyal readers cast their votes for their favorite vendors. The companies ranked in this magazine are the firms that readers said are the best of the best covering all aspects of business, from technology to banking to client services.

Boutique and Practice Specific Law Firm Guide 2016

The guide is designed to be useful to in-house counsel, legal professionals and business executives who are searching for legal advice in a specific area.

Arbitration and Mediation Special Report: It's All in the Details

In the Daily Business Review’s Arbitration and Mediation Special Report, articles focus on drafting agreements, what to expect out of mediation and other topics.

Angelika Hunnefeld and Ricardo A. Gonzalez.

A Clause Worth Fighting For: Tips for Drafting an Effective Arbitration Agreement

By Commentary by Angelika Hunnefeld and Ricardo A. Gonzalez |

Leaving a court to fill in the unspecified blanks in an arbitration clause may put a company in a bad position, write attorneys Angelika Hunnefeld and Ricardo A. Gonzalez.

Reassess Expectations: Finding Value in Mediation

By Commentary by Christopher Marlowe |

Court-ordered mediation forces the parties to focus on the desired result, whether or not it's attainble, writes attorney Christopher Marlowe.

How a Great Trial Lawyer Can Become a Great Mediation Lawyer

By Commentary by Oscar A. Sanchez |

A trial lawyer's argumentative style can hurt in mediation, so curbing that impulse is necessary to succeed, writes attorney Oscar A. Sanchez.

Read the Fine Print: Arbitration Agreement May Have Benefits for Consumers

By Commentary by Laura M. Reich |

Terms favorable to consumers may make arbitration a better option than class actions, writes attorney Laura M. Reich.

Forced Arbitration of Consumer Claims Equals Justice Denied

By Commentary by Robert C. Gilbert |

Robert C. Gilbert, plaintiffs coordinating counsel in multidistrict litigation against some of the nation's biggest banks, insists forced consumer arbitration should be banned.

The Mediation Toolbox: What's at Your Disposal at Every Step?

By Commentary by Stephanie Reed Traband |

Explore prospects for mediation early and often because it's not all about getting to the next stage, writes attorneey Stephanie Reed Traband.

Do Arbitrators Have Sanctions Authority in Domestic Arbitrations?

By Commentary by John M. Barkett |

The short answer is yes, writes attorney John M. Barkett. Many domestic arbitration clauses provide for sanctions and have been upheld on appeal.

Last Call for Settlement — Appellate Mediation

By Commentary by Mary April |

Federal and state appellate courts make provisions for mediation, just when you thought the chance of amicable resolution was over, writes attorney Mary April.

Construction Mediation Presents Unique Challenges and Opportunities

By Commentary by William J. Cea |

Information sharing and full preparation are imperative to improve the chances of mediation success, writes attorney William J. Cea.