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Broward County Court Judge Tim Bailey

For Judge Bailey, Law Is a Family Tradition

By Carlos Harrison |

Broward Circuit Judge Tim Bailey practiced law with his father for more than 30 years before, then became a judge after his dad retired.

Hialeah Condo Association Revived in Bankruptcy

By Samantha Joseph |

In a rare move, the struggling Bella Luna condo association filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection to stave off fallout from the the housing crash.

Grand Jury: No Charges in Florida Jail Explosion

A grand jury concluded that there wasn't enough evidence to bring criminal charges in an explosion at a Florida jail that killed two inmates and paralyzed a guard, according to a report released Thursday.

Priest Challenges Fort Lauderdale Law Limiting Homeless Feeding

By Adolfo Pesquera |

Fort Lauderdale attorney Bruce Rogow prepared the complaint, which says Fort Lauderdale's ordinance chills religious beliefs.

Alex Daoud, former Miami Beach Mayor and his daughter, attorney  Kelly Hyman, with Searcy Denney Scarola

Why Judge is "Dismayed" and "Disappointed" Over $1M Fight Between Father, Daughter

By Adolfo Pesquera |

In a court ruling that defiies the daughter, Alex Daoud, the disgraced ex-mayor of Miami Beach, may live in his house until he dies.

Three Appointed to Broward Circuit JNC

By Adolfo Pesquera |

William McCormick, Sidney Calloway and D. David Keller were appointed to the Broward circuit's judicial nominating commission.

Don't Let Black Friday Breaches Make You See Red

By Luis Salazar and Neha Dagley |

A jam of retail cyberattacks underscores the need for data security awareness. Hint: Don't use spot123 as a password.

Official Says FSU Gunman Was a Lawyer

The gunman who shot three people at Florida State University's library early Thursday before being killed by police was a lawyer who was an undergrad alumnus.

Deaf Convict to Remain in Jail for Disputed 1981 Murder

By News Service of Florida |

The stories of two brothers serving time for a 1981 murder clashed again Wednesday, as a state panel held parole hearings for Felix Garcia, a deaf man who supporters say was framed, and his brother Frank, who they say framed him.

U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

Palm Beach County Scam Accused of Fleecing Consumers on Tech Support

By Adolfo Pesquera |

The FTC and Florida obtained restraining orders to stop a $122 million computer support scam run from offices in Palm Beach County.


Law Firm Salvages Foreclosure Lawsuit After David Stern Implosion

By Adolfo Pesquera |

A legacy foreclosure suit from the Law Office of David J. Stern was salvaged by a replacement law firm in favor of U.S. Bank.

David C. Prather

Is He the Next Florida Bar President?

By Julie Kay |

West Palm Beach lawyer David Prather is vying to become the fourth straight Florida Bar president from South Florida.

As Lawsuits Mount, Will Developer Nick Mastroianni Pay Latest Judgment Against Him?

By Samantha Joseph |

An EB-5 fundraising dispute led to an $800,000 judgment against North Palm Beach developer Nick Mastroianni.