Latin America

Mauricio Macri

Attorneys See More Favorable Business Climate in Argentina Thanks to Election of New President

By Monika Gonzalez Mesa |

Professionals in Argentina and the United States are counting on reforms to expand investment and the business environment in the Latin American country.

'Kirchner Era' Ends With Opposition Candidate's Win in Argentina

President-elect Mauricio Macri's promises to revitalize Argentina's sagging economy with free-market reforms and improve strained relations with the United States resonated with voters, carrying him to a historic win that ended 12 years of often-conflictive rule by President Cristina Fernandez and her late husband.

Investors Wait Out Slump in Latin American Economy

By Monika Gonzalez Mesa |

Latin America's economic prospects for 2016 continue to worsen, and the ongoing global drop in commodity prices may be prolonged, according to one economist.

Study Finds More Mexicans Leaving the US Than Coming

By Elliot Spagat |

More Mexicans are leaving the United States than migrating into the country, marking a reversal of one of the most significant immigration trends in U.S. history.

Argentines in Election Weigh Kirchner Policies, State Role

By Peter Prengaman |

From the tables of Buenos Aires pizza parlors to the fields of this South American nation's farmlands, Argentines are intensely debating a question they must answer during Sunday's presidential runoff election: How large a role should the government play in their lives?

11/18/15-  Churromania Co-founders Ariel Acosta Rubio and Maria Alejandra Bravo

Churromania Rolling Out US Franchise Operation

By Monika Gonzalez Mesa |

The couple who began with a tiny storefront selling churros in Venezuela is working on expansion to 100 U.S. locations.

Cuba Blames US for Instigating Surge of Migrants From Island

Cuban officials blamed the United States for instigating a surge in the number of Cuban migrants attempting to reach the U.S. through Central America amid ongoing efforts to normalize relations between the former Cold War foes.

Confusing Candidates on Ballot Vex Venezuela Opposition

The ballot for congressional elections in which Venezuela's ruling socialists face their stiffest challenge in 16 years is dizzying enough in the industrial state of Maracay, with more than two dozen parties on the ballot.

In Cuba, a Reporter Searches for a Lost Past and Finds a Family

By Christine Armario |

I was born in the United States, but my family never let me forget that we're Cuban.

Nephews of Venezuelan First Lady to Be Arraigned in US Court

By Jorge Rueda and Joshua Goodman |

Two nephews of Venezuela's powerful first lady are facing arraignment in New York after being arrested in Haiti on charges of conspiring to smuggle 800 kilograms of cocaine into the U.S., people familiar with the case said.

Congressman Joaquin Castro

Congressman Castro: Latin America Lacks Attention From Congress

By Review staff |

Democratic Congressman Joaquin Castro of San Antonio tells a Miami legal summit that he wants relations between the U.S. and Latin America to focus more on trade and other economic opportunities than the negatives of immigration, drugs and corruption.

Diaz Reus Opens California Office for Latin American, Asian Clients

By Celia Ampel |

Miami-based Diaz Reus is expanding to gain more flexibility dealing with existing clients.

Carson Pledges to Advocate for Statehood for Puerto Rico

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson traveled to Puerto Rico to support the U.S. territory becoming the 51st state, saying that would strengthen the United States.