Justice Watch

Justice Watch: General Motors Dilemma May Leave Scar on Bankruptcy Law

By John Pacenti |

The GM bankruptcy has thrown a curve ball in the mushrooming litigation over recalled vehicles.

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Justice Watch: CABA Pro Bono Project Helps Undocumented Teens

By John Pacenti |

The CABA Pro Bono Project represents unaccompanied minor immigrants from Central America, whose numbers are increasing in the U.S.

Barry Mukamal

Justice Watch: Suit Claims D.R. Horton Left Miami Gardens HOA In A Mess

By John Pacenti |

Bankruptcy trustee Barry Mukamal claims homebuilder D.R. Horton left a Miami Gardens homeowner association in financial ruin when the housing bubble burst.

Harley S. Tropin

Justice Watch: Bitcoin, What Is It And Why It Stirs Worries Of Criminal Activity

By John Pacenti |

Bitcoins are new and not fully regulated, making officials fret over opportunities for abuse and money laundering until regulators get their arms fully around it.

Kenneth R. Hartmann

Justice Watch: Going To Court To Fight Counterfeit Merchandise

By John Pacenti |

Big-name manufacturers are striking back against counterfeit goods in Florida with an increased presence in court and at the port, and by targeting third parties.

Supreme court building in Washington DC, USA.

Justice Watch: Decision Allowing Pretrial Seizure Of Assets Decried

By John Pacenti |

Defense attorneys say the U.S. Supreme Court turned the presumption of innocence on its head with a decision on assets seized before trial.

Sarah Zabel

Justice Watch: Judge Zabel Perfect Fit For High-Profile Gay Marriage Ban Case

By John Pacenti |

Attorneys describe Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Sarah Zabel as a hard-working and thoughtful judge—and a good fit to oversee a challenge to Florida's ban on gay marriage.

Scott Rothstein

Justice Watch: Legal Community Questions Tactics Of Scott Rothstein As Witness

By John Pacenti |

The jury is out among lawyers if the defense team did the right thing in calling notorious con man Scott Rothstein as a witness for former employee and attorney Christina Kitterman, who faces federal wire fraud conspiracy charges.

Katherine Murphy

Justice Watch: Appeal Seeks To Reinstate $155M Aventura Verdict

By John Pacenti |

Katherine Murphy, principal at the Aventura City of Excellence School, was accused by City Manager Eric Soroka of taking bribes to allow students to skip the waiting list and get into the popular city-owned K-8 charter school. Publicly calling her a thief, Soroka fired Murphy in 2006 and her life went into a tailspin.

Bruce Katzen

Justice Watch: Grandchildren Going To Court Over Real Estate Trust Money

By John Pacenti |

Attorney Bruce Katzen represents a woman who claims her brother, as trustee of a trust established for their mother, violated his fiduciary duty by doling out gifts to himself and draining the trust to about $300,000.

Margaret Mevers, partner at Lydecker Diaz in Miami.

Justice Watch: Labor, Employment Attorneys Face Brave New World In 2014

By John Pacenti |

From pregnancy to social media to marijuana, labor and employment issues abound for 2014.

Fort Lauderdale Bridge Club

Fort Lauderdale Bridge Club Seeks Bankruptcy As Refuge From 'Serial Litigator'

By John Pacenti |

The Fort Lauderdale Bridge Club has sought refuge in bankruptcy court from Samuel "Sandy" Rosen, a retired attorney described by a court-appointed trustee as a "serial litigator."

Paul Wright, executive director, Lance Weber, General Counsel.Human Rights Defense Center, Lake Worth

Justice Watch: Prison Legal News Is Filing, Winning Federal Lawsuits

By John Pacenti |

Every issue of Prison Legal News contains news inmates can use, but many jails and some prisons don't want them to have it.

Robert M. Siegel

Justice Watch: Forced-Place Insurance Policies May Soon Be Tamed

By John Pacenti |

Attorneys suing banks and insurers say rule changes by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could finally put an end to the gouging of homeowners on forced-place insurance policies.

Justice Watch: Berger Singerman Wraps Up Little-Known Bankruptcy

By John Pacenti |

Mortgage company Taylor, Bean & Whitaker, one of the nation's largest bankruptcies, winds down with Berger Singerman lawyers steering the way in what was once believed to be a "hopeless" case.

Justice Watch: Foreclosure Attorneys Targeted In 3rd DCA Ruling

By John Pacenti |

Two Miami foreclosure attorneys say they were just doing their jobs defending homeowners when they ended up being targeted in an appellate decision by Third District Court of Appeal Judge Leslie B. Rothenberg.

Justice Watch: Rothstein's Testimony Wanted, But Who Pays For His Trip To Court?

By John Pacenti |

Prosecutors tell former Rothstein attorney Christina Kitterman that if she wants to cross-examine the con man at her forthcoming trial, she has to pay for his travel expenses.

Justice Watch: Lawyers Fight More Noncompetes With Improving Economy

By John Pacenti |

For many labor and employment attorneys, noncompete agreements are the hot issue of the day and becoming a bigger part of their practices.

Justice Watch: Historic Agreement Protecting Homeless May Be In Jeopardy

By John Pacenti |

Chief U.S. District Judge Federico Moreno will decide whether Miami's 15-year-old landmark agreement protecting homeless people is outdated.

Justice Watch: UBS In The Hot Seat Amid Puerto Rican Bond Crisis

By John Pacenti |

Five years after becoming the poster child for the Department of Justice's war on banking secrecy and offshore accounts, Switzerland's UBS finds itself in the eye of another potential tempest, this time the Puerto Rican bond crisis.

Justice Watch: Cemetery operators face class action appeals

By John Pacenti |

A federal appeals courts and the Florida Supreme Court are considering whether families suing South Florida cemetery operators for losing the locations of their loved ones' graves can bring class actions or must litigate individually.

Justice Watch: More Latin American Disputes End Up In Miami Court

By John Pacenti |

A Bolivian's lawsuit against an Israeli gun manufacturer illustrates an increase in Latin American cases in state and federal courts in South Florida.

Justice Watch: Miami-Dade Property Dispute Leads To Sibling Rivalry

By John Pacenti |

A brother and sister are fighting it out in Miami-Dade Circuit Court over the rights to retail buildings with high-profile addresses in Miami Beach and Coral Gables.

Justice Watch: Software A New Frontier In IP Law

By John Pacenti |

A legal fight between two Russian companies over propriety software to unlock passwords lands in a U.S. court and reflects the current state of intellectual property law.

Justice Watch: Jailhouse Snitching An 'Epidemic,' Defense Attorneys Say

By John Pacenti |

Defense attorneys say that inmates selling, stealing or trading for information in order to become bogus trial witnesses is at epidemic proportions at Miami's Federal Detention Center.

Justice Watch: MLB Accused Of Misusing Courts To Get Dirt On A-Rod, Other Players

By John Pacenti |

With discovery stayed in Biogenesis litigation in Miami, Major League Baseball's detractors say the league has misused the justice system to get information on player use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Justice Watch: Federal Judge Imparts Wisdom On New Lawyers

By John Pacenti |

Senior U.S. District Judge Paul C. Huck reached out to young lawyers this summer with two seminars to help prepare them for the work force.

Justice Watch: Prosecutor Andrea Hoffman Replaced In Several Cases

By John Pacenti |

Andrea Hoffman, a Miami federal prosecutor, has dropped out of a number of cases since a second round of judicial criticism of her performance.

Justice Watch: Battle Intensifies Over One Bal Harbour

By John Pacenti |

The hotel condominium association at One Bal Harbour Resort & Spa is on the offensive, saying fraud is spelled out in its $27.6 million in proof of claims.

Justice Watch: South Florida Grass-Roots Group Pushes For Guardianship Reform

By John Pacenti |

An emotionally drained but determined group of South Floridians aims to persuade the state Legislature to rewrite guardianship rules.

Coral Gables Attorney Chris Korge Awaits Claudio Osorio Sentencing

By John Pacenti |

Chris Korge of Korge & Korge and Landko Investments will urge U.S. District Judge William P. Dimitrouleas to show no mercy in sentencing Claudio Osorio, the former Miami Beach entrepreneur who promised to help rebuild Haiti but ended up fleecing past and present NBA stars Alonzo Mourning and Dwight Howard and Carlos Boozer in the process.

Justice Watch: Lawsuits Accuse Miami-Dade Police Of Executing Four Men

By John Pacenti |

The civil rights lawsuits assigned to U.S. District Judges Donald Graham and Ursula Ungaro claim the fatal shooting of four men who targeted drug dealers for robberies was not an isolated incident.

Justice Watch: Consumers Filing More Lawsuits Against Credit Reporting Agencies

By John Pacenti |

Litigation against Equifax, Experian and TransUnion is populating Soth Florida's federal court docket.

Justice Watch: Voting Rights Act Supporters Ready For Fight

By John Pacenti |

Critics of the U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down a portion of the Voting Rights Act say they are ready to fight for access to the polls.

Justice Watch: Discrimination Against Pregnant Employees Continues Despite Federal Protections

The National Women's Law Center says discrimination against pregnant workers is rampant, but lawyers for employers say it's a nuanced issue.

Justice Watch: Developer Slammed For Trying To Drive Lennar Prices Down

By John Pacenti |

A Miami-Dade judge slammed a California developer for deleting evidence to one-time Wall Street wunderkind Barry Minkow showing their scheme to drive down the stock price of Miami-based home-builder Lennar Corp.

Justice Watch: Corporate Compliance Can Trample Employees' Rights

By John Pacenti |

Are the constitutional rights of employees suffering in the era of stricter corporate compliance?

Justice Watch: U.S. Supreme Court May Use Florida Case To Redefine Property Rights

By John Pacenti |

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to rule this spring on a Florida wetlands case igniting national debate because of its potential impact on the requirements government can impose on property owners in exchange for allowing them to develop their properties.

Justice Watch: Opinions Differ On Limited Alien Tort Statute

By John Pacenti |

South Florida lawyers differ on the impact of the U.S. Supreme Court decision on the Alien Tort Statute limiting liability for corporations and others blamed for human rights abuses committed abroad.

Justice Watch: Low-Income Tenants Beat Landlords At Scheme

By John Pacenti |

Federal prosecutors teamed up with Miami legal aid attorneys under a novel use of the False Claims Act targeting Section 8 landlords who shake down low-income tenants for extra rent.

Justice Watch: Bankruptcy Judges Sour On Golden Parachutes

By John Pacenti |

Thomas Horton, outgoing chairman, president and CEO of American Airlines' parent, AMR Corp., had his $20 million severance package at least temporarily rejected by a U.S. bankruptcy judge.

Justice Watch: Ex-judge refutes criticism of receiver work on Bal Harbor properties

By John Pacenti |

Former Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Jorge J. Perez rebutts criticism that he "systematically exploited" his position as receiver for a Bal Harbor One Resort & Spa and condominium complex.