Pam Bondi Truly Believes This About Gay Marriage

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Attorney General Pam Bondi says Florida has a legitimate interest in defining marriage as between a man and woman.

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What's being said

  • Jeffrey Wood

    . . . and more name calling. I‘m not sure which is more appropriate: Res ipsa loquitur or quod erat demonstrandum.

  • Jeffrey Wood

    Agreed, Caroline; but "True Believers" will of course always ignore the process, because for them, the end justifies the means, a la Robespierre. Further to the substance, governmental interests in heterosexual marriage are easily articulable: kids grow up to be adults who become taxpayers, are available to serve in the military in the event of war, etc., etc. (Consider the demographic crises that are looming over Japan, Russia, et al, and the effects of WWI on the male population of France by the time WWII rolled around.) This is why traditional marriage has received the governmental support it‘s gotten, which has of course always been discriminatory against single people. I would be fascinated to hear what comparable legitimate governmental interest is advanced by recognition of gay marriage. (There are obvious political interests advanced in currying favor with the gay electorate and self-declared "intellectual" and social elites - I‘m sure those judges now receive invitations to parties they wouldn‘t have before; and of course they get glowing reviews on NPR, HuffPost and "Ellen.") I accept my gay friends for who they are, and hope they accept me with my flaws as well; but I will not be bullied into calling homosexuality "normal" unless and until it can be scientifically established as an inborn, immutable characteristic. Whatever happened to the search for the "gay gene," anyway? Was someone afraid of the implications of failing to find it? Just repeating, "I was born that way" doesn‘t make it so - especially since, when I‘ve gotten to know my gay friends well enough, there‘s almost always been some underlying pathology (history of sexual abuse, onset of Parkinsons‘, estranged relationship with one or both parents, et al). There are many tragedies that have struck the gay community in my lifetime, including AIDS, violence, etc.; but pity is rarely a good basis for policy. What I find most offensive is the current push to delegitimize traditional views of marriage, and those who hold them; consider the lawsuits against wedding vendors who decline to serve gay couples in their ceremonies or the statutory prohibition of conversion therapy in several states including California and New Jersey - where it‘s perfectly legal to change your physical sex, of course. So, Judge Arenda Wright-Allen: I‘ve never called someone by one of the traditional gay slurs; extend me the courtesy of not calling me "prejudiced" just because I disagree with you.

  • Daniel Herrera

    Hey Caroline, what‘s your real name, Caroline Bondi?

    You are so full of hot air.

  • Caroline

    In 2008, by voter referendum, Article I, Section 27 was added to the Florida constitution, which defines marriage as a union only between one man and one woman, and thus bans the creation of similar unions, such as civil unions or same-sex marriage. Pam Bondi has a duty to defend the voters in this issue. No other person has "standing" to defend any Florida law/Constitutional Amendment. She is doing her job. If she doesn‘t defend the vote of the people no one else can because "We the People" lack standing. Courts have taken control of the "marriage" issue, claiming it is a civil right. Gay marriage never won a vote in any state. This is not a federal constitutional issue and never has been. Courts constitutionalized this issue and took the say away from the people and will compel it. The courts are not the most noble entities in this country -- look to Plessy v. Fergusun (1896), Korematsu v. United States (1944), Wickard v. Filburn (1942), etc. If there is a ground swell for gay marriage then change the constitution and follow the process.
    If Pam Bondi did not respect our Constitution, and followed California‘s examples, then any law/Constitutional Amendment can be nullified by the Court. If this is the case then the Florida Constitution should be amended to allow "We the People" to have standing to defend law/Constitutional Amendment if the state refuses to defend ANY law/Constitutional Amendment put in place by "We the People."
    The principles of our government must be followed or we have tyranny of the minority.

  • Joy

    gotta disagree.

  • Ron Champion

    She is so hot

  • David Ross

    I totally agree

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