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Sorry Obama. Buffett Says Minimum Wage Increase Isn't Answer to Income Gulf

Billionaire Warren Buffett said the level of income inequality in the U.S. is "extraordinary" but that raising the minimum wage isn't the best solution.

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McDonald's to Simplify Structure, Focus on Customers

McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook says he's stripping away layers of bureaucracy and increasing accountability so the company can move more nimbly to keep up with changing tastes.

Fortress Revs Mortgage Machine as Its Buyout Funds Stall

Wes Edens, a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, has shot his share of air balls at his private-equity firm Fortress Investment Group. With mortgage assets, Edens has found his mark.

Bill Gross: Bull Market 'Super-Cycle' Is Nearing Its End

Bill Gross said the bull market "supercycle" for stocks and bonds is approaching its end, as the unconventional monetary policies that have kept it alive since the financial crisis are running out.

China Insuring Deposits Means More Bond Risk-Reward

China started an insurance system for its more than $16 trillion of bank deposits on May 1 and the bond market is already preparing for the next step: the end of interest rate controls.

Venezuelan Family Plans to Buy Espirito Santo

By Samantha Joseph |

The Benacerraf Group signed a stock purchase agreement to acquire Miami-based Espirito Santo Bank.

Online Options: Rules for Service in Flux

By Kimberly Wald |

Judges are getting more flexible and allowing online service when success can't be guaranteed with more traditional options.

Chris Mobley

Chris Mobley Leaving as ALM Regional Group Publisher

By Review staff |

New leadership announced for the Daily Business Review and other regional properties.

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Film Incentives, Uber Bill, Water Policy Among Legislative Session Casualties

By News Service of Florida |

New water policies, a revival of a tax-incentive program to attract film and television production to Florida and rules for app-based transportation services were among the bills that likely died when the House called an early end to the regular legislative session.

Spirit Reports $69 Million Profit for Quarter

Miramar-based Spirit Airlines said its earnings, adjusted for non-recurring costs, were 96 cents per share.

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Microsoft Makes Its Case for Windows 10 to Software Developers

Microsoft figures one way to get people psyched about Windows 10 is to make sure there are plenty of cool features and apps for smartphones and tablets that use the new operating system.

We Thought Our Pay Would be Higher, Wall Streeters Say in Poll

Ask Main Street about Wall Street and you probably won't hear this: Banker pay is surprisingly low. But that's what financial professionals say.

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Ride-Sharing Insurance Requirement Bill Parked in the House

By News Service of Florida |

Proposals to create new insurance requirements for app-based transportation services such as Uber and Lyft appear to be idling as the legislative session nears the end.

Florida Capital

Florida's Budget Stalemate: A Look at What's Happening

The Florida Legislature will end its annual session Friday, but legislators still have not reached a deal on a new budget. That's because the Republican-controlled House and Senate are at odds about health care, including whether to accept federal money linked to President Barack Obama's health overhaul.