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14 South Floridian's Disciplined

By Adolfo Pesquera |

The Florida Supreme Court has disciplined 14 South Florida lawyers, including five who lost their law licenses.

Steven Hunter

Court Seeks Ethics Investigation Against Two Miami Attorneys

By Adolfo Pesquera |

The Florida Supreme Court set in motion the disqualification of two Miami attorneys from litigation over a $300 million tobacco industry settlement with flight attendants who blamed illnesses on exposure to cigarette smoke when smoking was allowed on airliners.

Three South Florida Attorneys Disbarred

By Adolfo Pesquera |

Two of the three disbarred attorneys were permanently disbarred, while seven other South Florida lawyers were also disciplined by the Florida Supreme Court.

Florida Supreme Court Disciplines 11 Lawyers

By Adolfo Pesquera |

One lawyer, Marlene Garcia of Coral Gables, was suspended immediately after pleading no contest to felony cocaine possession.

Donnette Russell-Love Loses Bar License For 91 Days

By Adolfo Pesquera |

A Bahamian tennis player's ban from U.S. competition has resulted in a 91-day suspension for the Davie attorney who handled her visa petition.

Nine South Florida Attorneys Disciplined

By Julie Kay |

The Florida Supreme Court disciplined nine South Florida attorneys, including former Scott Rothstein partner Russell Adler, who received a 91-day suspension.

11 South Florida Attorneys Disciplined

By Adolfo Pesquera |

The Florida Bar announced disciplinary actions against 11 South Florida attorneys.

Florida Supreme Court Disbars Two Palm Beach Attorneys

By Adolfo Pesquera |

Theodore T. Tarone Jr. pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail fraud on 17 real estate closings while Scott F. Saidel pleaded guilty to helping Kim Rothstein hide jewels.

Four South Florida Attorneys Disbarred; Four More Suspended

By Steve Plunkett |

The Florida Supreme Court issued disciplinary orders that disbarred four South Florida attorneys and suspended four others.