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On Appeal

  • Prosecutor Takes Anti-Death Penalty Fight to High Court

    By Noreen Marcus

    Gov. Rick Scott and State Attorney Aramis Ayala will face off in the Florida Supreme Court over her authority to reject the death penalty in murder cases.

  • It's Boies vs. Dershowitz in Fourth District Appeal

    By Noreen Marcus

    The Fourth District Court of Appeal has a case involving high-profile legal warriors — David Boies and Alan Dershowitz.

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Board of Contributors

  • Turnover Troubles: Homeowners Can Take Down Goliath

    By Commentary by Joshua Krut

    "Turnover" is perhaps the most important stage of a community's existence, as it is the process by which the developer relinquishes control of the board and the community to the purchasing parcel owners, writes Joshua Krut.

  • ‘Transformer’ Semi-Trucks? The Increasing Interest in Self-Driven Vehicles

    By Commentary by Michael A. Hersh and Kimberly L. Wald

    Notably, according to a survey conducted by the NMVCCS from 2005 to 2007, 94 percent of motor vehicle related crashed were attributed to driver error. This begs the question, is the new advent of self-driving cars and the concept of self-driving semi-trucks a solution to the problem of driver error crashes? The short answer is, probably yes, write Michael A. Hersh and Kimberly L. Wald.

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